How I equipped my city in SimCity Buildit with highly efficient technology

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How I equipped my city in SimCity Buildit with highly efficient technology

May 12, 2017 Online Games 0

I am a regular player of the SimCity Buildit game and enjoy the experience each time. It never becomes old to me although I have played it so many times. This is because I try to devise new techniques of playing it each time. I plan to build something or reform any old structure in a new manner. As I progressed more in the game, I thought of adding superior technological innovations to my town. Such an opportunity came when I was building the transportation department of my town. A part of that department was the Airship Hangar. Here I was able to park my Airship balloon.

The Airship Hangar is an altogether different feature, which gave a different appeal to my city. It gave a huge boost to my profitability. This was because the residents near the locality would take the amazing air rides on it. Before establishing it, I did a Wealth forecast, through which I learned how to position it for earning more profit. The forecast gave me details of the potentiality of each region that I choose for it. I was able to view the images of how it would look to. This made my task very easy. It also led to the increase in the land value of my town.

The setting up of this hangar made way for the establishment of other lavish structures such as Sky restaurants, luxury hotels, and fair view. More taxes came in, in this way and kept coming at a stretch. I also continued to trade regularly to maintain these structures in a proper way. I arranged for more and more resources to upgrade these structures further. To manage the Airship I chose to pay visits to many of my friends’ cities that had these structures. I observed how they ran the operations in their skyscrapers comfortably. I also took notice of where they had placed these structures to maximize the Sims’ benefits.

A novel idea that I had made use of was to incorporate hot air balloons in my city. It worked magic for my city. The Sims could fly in these balloons, and it was a major hit with them. They enjoyed this attraction. Similarly, the visitors from different cities were at once interested to trade materials with my city. I had also incorporated the lessons learned by viewing the cities of my friends. I adopted their tricks such as incorporating special safety features needed for the skyscrapers. Thus there was, in turn, an increase in the safety and less effort for the police station. I used less of SimCity Buildit Cheats in the process.

Thus these are the features that I incorporated to upgrade my town. There were a commendable law and order in the town. This was due to the added safety features that I incorporated. My town took shape if an ultra-tech city with the most efficient and developed infrastructure. I earned huge profits and received huge taxes too. I did not require too much SimCash for the purpose as well. So it was a very cost effective endeavor too. Through this, I had an altogether different flavor of playing the game. This was an experience worth remembering.

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